AAUW Brevard Branch Programs for 2021-2022

AAUW Brevard Contact Information

VP of Program: MonaLin Solan,, 727-946-4748 (cell)
If there are any questions about a speaker please notify me. I was the one who made all the initial contacts. Elaine and I have yet to meet to go over the program of speakers. The speakers phone numbers provided are ones that were either posted on a website or in the AAUW directory.

VP of Program: Elaine Omann,, 828-384-6727 (cell)


October 12, 2021 7:00pm
Nicola Karesh
Creator of:  Morning Glory Inspirations website
The Peace Tree Garden Project
African American Storyline Project
Weekly Columnist for “The Rosenwald News” in the Transylvania Times 828-421-8615
Title: “Community Work: Following Inspiration Where It Leads”
Brief description:  Background and Influences. Vision, purpose and motivation (what moves me). Inspiration and where it leads (community projects and more.) Allies along the way.


November 9, 2021 7:00 pm
Jessica Whitmire
Director of Operations, Headwaters Outfitters
North Carolina Trout Unlimited, Diversity Coordinator
PAWFF, organizer (Pisgah Area Women’s Fly Fishing group)
Retired Teacher, Volleyball Coach and  Mother 828-877-3106 (work)
Title:  “A woman’s journey of Fly Fishing in Pisgah and the footprints we leave.”
Brief Description:  Growing up in Transylvania County, Outdoor recreation has been more than a hobby, it has been a way of life. I was raised in a canoe, paddling rivers throughout the southeast and introduced to fly fishing in my early teens.  In my life journey, the trials and triumphs, one thing has remained constant, I find peace and balance standing in a river.  I hope my story can help others find the same healing powers of a river, that I can support others in their Fly Fishing journey.


January 11, 2022 12:00 noon
Jayne Fought and Clyde Carter
Jayne is the founder of Island Ford Adventures, outdoors woman extraordinaire, motivational speaker, and retired teacher
Clyde is a retired Professor at Brevard College (31 years), founder of the WLEE Program and instrumental in developing the Brevard College “Voice of the Rivers” program.
Title:  “Action and Adventure, AKA Clyde Clark and Jayne Fought, on the AT.”
Brief Description: The motto for Island Ford Adventures is:
“Be. Empowered. Outdoors” to heart when they set out to hike the entire AT trail in 2021. They will share the challenges, the rewards and what they learned from hiking the entire AT trail!
(AT = Appalachian Trail)


February 08, 2022 12:00 noon
Holly Bass
Associate Director of Waterfall Keepers of NC
Science and Education Coordinator
Teacher and Mother 619-987-4707
Title:  “For the Love of Waterfalls”
Brief Description:  Take a tour of North Carolina’s spectacular water falls through the eyes of the nation’s first organization dedicated to these natural wonders.  The mission of Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina is to promote and advance the cultural, economic, ecological and historical significance of North Carolina waterfalls; to serve as an educator and advocate; and to preserve the waterfalls and facilitate their enjoyment perpetuity.


March 15, 2022 7:00 pm
Please note this Tuesday is the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
This is not an error in the date.
Jaqui (Jaye) Eden
Co-owner of a first generation veteran family farm in Brevard, NC. 828-702-9929
Title:  “Being a Woman in Regenerative Agriculture”
Brief Description: Discussion of how I co-own a small regenerative farm in Western North Carolina. How we started the farm with just a small savings and have maintained a zero debt farm. We work with our community and local students of all ages to show how you can live sustainable, happy and healthy by farming. We farm regeneratively, using holistic land management practices, and diversified animal.


April 12, 2022 7:00pm
Cindi Spillman
Artrepreneur, ArtLab 312-371-2223 (cell)
This is hopefully the first “Spotlight on an AAUW Member” of many to come in future programs.
Title:  Creativity…Yes!
Brief Description:  Ever been told that you aren’t creative? Ever said that about yourself? Cindi Spillman has made it her mission to dispel that notion, one person at a time, and built a small business in order to achieve that goal.  Join us for an evening of interactive fun, and say “Yes!” to nurturing your naturally creative self!



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