Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL) is a mentoring program with Brevard College that will engage young women from the IWIL program with women in Brevard (or AAUW) who can assist in developing life skills and career goals.

Jeopardy brings Women in History as a Jeopardy game to 5th grade students in Transylvania County during March Women in History month.


Public Policy/Voter Education acts as an advocate for AAUW’s mission of promoting equity and education for all women and recruits members to email or telephone elected officials on critical issues; communicates public policy matters in newsletter reports.  Projects include equal pay and voting process activities.

Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops empower college women who are beginning their careers to overcome the gender wage gap and teach them to benchmark and negotiate for fair and equitable salaries upon graduation.

Work Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops are geared for working women of any age or career level, and teach participants objective research and benchmarking skills to use when negotiating for raises and promotions.

AAUW Supports Ingles “Tools for Schools”  If you purchase groceries at Ingles, a portion of what you pay can go to support a local school or educational agency. You must register anew each school year. Here are the directions for linking your Ingles Advantage Card number to a specific school/agency in our are.  AAUW & Ingles Tools for Schools info

Women Who Make  A Difference is awarded each year to a woman who has made a difference in Transylvania County.  The award highlights AAWU’s mission of “Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research”.  The criteria for the award include demonstrating leadership; sharing their knowledge and expertise; participating in community matters; dedicating their time unselfishly; serving as an inspiration to others.

2020 Women Who Make a Difference Award winner to be announced at May luncheon.