Women Who Make a Difference

Women Who Make  A Difference is awarded each year to a woman who has made a difference in Transylvania County.  The award highlights AAUW’s mission of “advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research”.  The criteria for the award include demonstrating leadership; sharing their knowledge and expertise; participating in community matters; dedicating their time unselfishly; serving as an inspiration to others.

Below is the application for the Women Who Make A Difference Award

Women Who Make A Difference


Nomination for AAUW/BREVARD Women Who Make A Difference Award
The mission of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.

Individual nominated (must be a resident of Transylvania County)

Project or activity being recognized:

Describe the project or activity. Please include the following in the description:
Goal of the project
Participants or groups impacted by the activity
Plans for sustaining or expanding the project
Relevance of the program to the AAUW Mission for advancing equity for women and girls.
Describe other activities or projects the nominee has initiated or supported.

Individual(s) making the nomination: ______________________________
Phone: _________________ Email: _______________________________

Please send nominations by Friday, March 15, 2019 to:
AAUW Women Who Make A Difference Committee
PO Box 715
Cedar Mt., NC 28718

For additional information contact Amye McCallie 828.862.8890.

Women Who Make a Difference Award

1996: Jinx Ramsey; Fay Walker; Esther Wesley
1997: Selena Robinson; Kay Elliott
1998: Mary Cowal; Elizabeth (Lib) Provence
1999: Phyllis Stout; Beth Glass
2000: Mary Read; Susan Threlkel
2001: Cindy Platt
2002: Joyce Reaume
2003: Karla Atkinson
2004: Judy Nebrig; Carson Griffin; Sharon Johnson
2005: Ladene Newton; Stella Trapp
2006: Tami Moss; Ann DerGara
2007: Elizabeth Riley Kapp Tyson; Anna Yount; Kathy Thorpe
2008: Gail Vance; Betty Sherrill; Michel Robertson
2009: Nancy Stricker; Roberta Hallinen
2010: Elaine Deppe; Margaret (Peg) Hansen; Emily (Lee) Mashburn Stewart
2011: Janice Osborne; Edith Darity
2012: Marcia Harper
2013: DeeDee Perkins
2014: Kathryn (Katie) Thompson
2015: Christi Whitworth
2016: Elizabeth (Liz) Bates
2017: Jennifer Williams, Mary Arnaudin
2018: Isabel Carter Heyward